How to Find a Milan Painter from Personal Experience

I have a small home in Milan, Italy that I use whenever I am on holiday there. I often rent it out to others when I am not using it. Because I am not at this house very often, it is difficult to keep it in top condition. Last summer, I spent a month in this house in order to have some improvements done to it. One of the first things that I did was to get the house painted inside and outside.

The problem was that I did not know any professional house painters, or imbiancatura professionaleimbianchino there. I did not want to hire just anyone who can use a paint brush because I know that painting requires knowledge and skill. I wanted someone who had a lot of experience and who could do a high quality job.

I decided to use the Internet to help me find the best house painter. I had come across websites that provided ratings and reviews on service providers. All I had to do was to specify the city and the type of service that I was looking for, and I received a list of results with ratings.

By using this process, I was able to find a few house painters who had received wonderful reviews. Once I arrived in Milan, I contacted them to schedule an appointment so that each one could come and look at my house and give me a cost estimate. I wanted someone who could start the job right away because I wanted the painting completed while I was still there.

Each painter who came was very courteous. I received very reasonable cost estimates. In the end, I chose someone who had painted many homes in this region, including one down the road from my place that he painted last year. So, I decided to hire him. He helped me in selecting the exterior and interior paints. I wanted the windows and door trims to have a nice contrasting color from the rest of the house, and the painter was able to help me choose the right colors.

On the day of the job, the painter worked efficiently. He was very careful in preparing his work area so that adjacent areas were protected from paint. He covered up the floor and the furniture. He had to remove some of the paint from the house that was chipping, and he prepped the sides of the house very well so that the new paint would go on well. I was very impressed with his skill.

The job took a couple of days because I had the outside and inside painted. After the job was done, he cleaned up his work area thoroughly. I did not see any stray paint on the ground or anywhere else that paint might have dripped. Overall, the painter did a wonderful job – one of the best that I have seen. My old house now looks new and beautiful again, and all because I got the best painter in Milan for the job.