Fingers crossed… we go to the dentist!

The god of dentist dread
The god of dentist dread

Let’s put it out there: besides the dentist, nobody likes to go there (and we’re sure any dentist sure has his/her day…). Maybe not all of us are scared, but it’s sure, that most of us don’t go gladly to the dentist.

We don’t know for sure why we feel discomfort (to say the least). Either it’s the specific smell, or it’s the noise (even though, with the technology nowadays, all those tools aren’t that loud anymore), either it’s the flexible, long needles (that go through the smallest holes…)…Or maybe it’s simply a universal fear that comes from our ancestors that had to really live (anesthetic what?) through the whole experience…All things considered, it’s quite obvious: going to the dentist is no picnic. Ask Dentist Bacau if you don’t believe it.

Happily for you, we feel you and we came up with a list (no, it’s not a very long list) that may give you some help for your next appointment to the dentist. Sure, it’s not gonna melt down all that fear (but we can point you to a good therapist, if that’s the case for you), but…it’s definitely not gonna hurt to give it a read.

  1. Number one…make an appointment!

Yes, don’t lough, but some even don’t have the guts and keep on postponing the moment. Once you call your dentist and make an appointment, you get one step closer to actually going. However, this, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t cancel it. Nevertheless, don’t! It’s not nice for your dentist to have an empty time slot and… why do you want to procrastinate so much?

  1. Number two…don’t go through the fridge before

Ok, if you are planned for a big intervention when you’re not supposed to eat afterwards for several hours, it’s better that you do eat something. Try though to eat something less spicy and not rich flavored. No matter how much you brush, garlic doesn’t go away that easily. In addition, you do want your dentist to be in a good mood.

Additionally, if you know the dentist is gonna use anesthetic (he/she’s gonna inform you anyway), don’t have coffee 4 hours before the appointment. We know, it’s a struggle for all of us.

  1. Brush your teeth…?

No matter how much we say it, it’s never enough said: brush your teeth and floss before going to the dentist. Don’t get over the top with flossing (you don’t want to add a bleeding to your list of dental issues) and do it as you do it any day (assuming you do it!)

Even though your dentist is wearing eyeglasses, it helps him/her to better see what’s going on with your teeth/gums (he doesn’t have hyperactive vision as a super power, you know!)

  1. Number four…do you have kids?

If it’s a first for your kid…May the Gods be in your favor! No, really, it’s important to tell them what will happen in there (in a nice, calm way?) and…why not promise them a reward for good behavior afterwards? It had better not be a candy bar, though (you don’t want to take your kid to the dentist very often, right?)

It also helps to create a nice routine with your kid before going to the dentist (the miracle of a walk in the park!) and you want him to be in a good mood when sitting in that chair.

  1. Number five…say “Cheese!”

What better way to show your dentist than to show your teeth when smiling? Of course, you don’t want to overdo it (you want him in a nice mood, not to be freaked out).

In addition, if you see him smiling back…chances are everything is going to be ok in the end. Until next appointment, anyways!