Pergolas. Where to start from?

pergola on backyard patio

A pergola is an outdoor frame structure made of wood or metal that improves the appearance of your landscapes. You may leave open the top of your pergola or you may cover it to protect the inside from the elements.

A pergola is designed to add some privacy and shade and it’s like an extension of your home as it provides outdoor sitting area. It’s freestanding on open field and may become the main point of attraction of your yard. The pergola gives you privacy and keeps unwanted views away and some sculptural vines make it beauty to say the least.

Where to place the pergola?

One of the greatest things about pergolas is that you may place them wherever you want since they can make sense anywhere you put them as they are extremely versatile. How often and why you use it should be the reasons for picking up the place of your pergola and once you visualized its best place, you’re set to actually build it.

One of the most popular places for your pergola is when it’s used like a patio cover or entryway. As it’s big and large, the pergola gives you quite some space to cover. The proper use of vines and/or other decorative elements helps pergola to give you shade and comfort. Once the evening comes, you can spend some nice time with your friends since the hanging lights from your pergola makes the evening so much nicer.

You may also place the pergola in a garden or in your yard as you may use the plants as vertically growing vines. The hanging flower pots are also to go for and this is how your pergola becomes a nice alternative display of your plants.

As you can see, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to placing your pergola and it’s up to you to decide what works for you the best. Check out Optimconstruct’s page for details on how to install your pergola.

Your type of pergola is…

There are several types of pergolas and knowing a bit about them gives you an idea about which type fits best your likings, garden and…your budget.

In case you want your pergola to last forever, you should go with steel beams to build your pergola. The steel pergolas are not only longer lasting and more durable, but they also have a special, metallic feel to it.

When you live in an area with plenty of rainy days, the pitched pergola is a more appropriate choice. A pitched pergola gives a good water runoff as it’s built with an angled roof. 

Similar to the pitched pergola is the gabled pergola that features a ridged or peaked roof. It’s distinctive triangular shape makes it not only look nice, but also efficient as it gives height and a good water runoff.

For the romantic, out-of-time feeling, choose a sail pergola. The stretched sail suspended between posts as the main roof structure has a sleek, one-of-a-kind appearance and you almost feel like it’s a holiday all the time.

When you like airflow more than anything, an open top pergola suits perfectly your liking. This type of pergola improves the look of your outdoor space and increases intimacy.

And, in case you want also some more utility for your pergola, you may also stick with a solar pergola. It will not only bring the nicer looks, but also some benefits to your electric bill since it’s able to collect sunlight.

And if these types are not enough, think at the fact that you also need to decide if you go with a wood or fiber glass pergola. If the wood pergola is easy to find and less expensive, the fiber glass one is easier to install (it comes as kits) and it weighs a lot less than wood.

Final word is that there are many options where to install your pergola and even more types of pergolas to choose from and it’s up to your liking (and budget) to get to a conclusion.